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EVERTEAM SOFWARE is pleased to offer you

5 virtues of a new-generation electronic archiving system.

The essential scope of an electronic archiving system (EAS) is now well known and is based, for the logical architecture, on the OAIS standard (ISO 14721) and, for the technical-functional requirements, on the NF Z 42-013 standard (2020 version).

However, it would be a mistake to limit the role and potential of an electronic archiving system solely to this.

Companies are facing an unprecedented increase in the volume of information received or produced on a daily basis and stored in heterogeneous, distributed tools. Security and cybersecurity risks, business and personal data regulations, and CSR objectives all call for a totally different approach to information management, and particularly to the archiving of information.

Against this backdrop, modern electronic records management systems are being enhanced with new functionalities that are crucial to ensuring their longevity and effectiveness. We propose to explain them to you in the rest of this document


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