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Everteam for You : simple solutions for targeted needs. 

  Are your issues one or more of the followings ? 

   You have "large and poorly organized volumes of files" (=digital bulk) in     file  systems, sharepoints, in email.

  You have specific projects which can be to :
    -  Find important documents faster
    -  Better exploit existing information and automatically classify                documents
   -  Clean up and reduce the volume of documents (detect duplicates,             obsolete documents, etc.).

  You want concrete solutions to : 

  • Reduce the risks linked to the lack of knowledge of the files contained in the digital bulk,
  • Make employees more efficient in their search for information,
  • Save on storage and initiate a digital sobriety approach.

    Ever Team Software has designed a range of information management tools, easy to deploy, to address these needs.
  • Download the presentation, then contact us for a demo. 

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