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The Information Governance Glossary 


Information governance is the backbone of any organisation seeking to manage its data effectively, securely and in compliance with current regulations. This glossary has been created to provide a comprehensive and accessible resource to clarify the key concepts, terms and practices associated with information governance.

Whether you are a seasoned information management professional or are discovering these concepts for the first time, this glossary aims to guide you along the way. It offers clear definitions, contextual explanations and practical examples to help you navigate this complex but crucial area.

From "retention policies" to "records management", each term presented here contributes to the overall understanding of information governance and its impact on operations, compliance and decision-making within any modern organisation.

We invite you to explore these definitions and use this glossary as a valuable reference on your journey to optimal information management. We hope you find this resource useful and a reliable source for answering your questions and clarifying the key concepts of information governance.

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