Working on Compliance with CCPA? Everteam can help

The upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes into effect January 2020. Compliance won't happen overnight. Are you getting ready?

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • Managing Information Under CCPA
  • Finding and dealing with PII in Unstructured Content
  • How supports CCPA compliance
  • Your Next Steps to Prepare for CCPA compliance

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Managing Unstructured Information for CCPA

Learn how CCPA affects your information governance strategies including the storage, security and findability of all personally-identifiable information of your customers.

Support Data Privacy with a Data Governance Architecture

Achieving CCPA compliance isn’t as simple as implementing a new custom compliance solution. While it may prepare you for CCPA, it won’t necessarily ensure your compliance with other privacy regulations being considered in at least ten other US

A Data Governance Architecture

Learn how Supports CCPA Compliance


Connect & Identity 

Connect to those sources of content and repositories wherever they are and  identify content types and attributes.


Classify & Remediate

Assign classifications and categories and take actions to remediate selected content, such as move, mask, modify or delete content.