Worried About the Growth of "Dark Data" in Your Enterprise?

IBM notes that 90% of the world's content has been created in the last two years -- most of it in places that IT managers have little visibility into.  

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  • What is Dark Content?
  • Where is it Hiding?
  • Why it Matters
  • How to Address the Dark Data Challenge

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Manage the Exploding Volume of Unstructured Content

IT teams and end-users are drowning in a growing deluge of content, much of it distracting or irrelevant.  At stake is not just the cost of storage, but the potential liability sensitive information carelessly disseminated may pose to your organization!

Illuminate The Places Where Dark Data Hides 

Tools like everteam.discover connect to the myriad data sources in your enterprise -- applications, groupware, email, file servers, and more.  Powered by machine learning algorithms, it identifies sensitive or problematic content, as well as obsolete or duplicative material.  


Learn How Everteam Illuminates Dark Content


Connect & Identity 

Connect to those sources of content and repositories wherever they are and  identify content types and attributes.


Classify & Remediate

Assign classifications and categories and take actions to remediate selected content, such as move, mask, modify or delete content.