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The Privacy Payoff: The Value of Trust

Many forward-thinking organizations are committing themselves to compliance, re-creating the most valuable attributes a brand can have: Increased trust. Addressing GDPR, CCPA, and many other privacy regulations that are right around the corner can seem like a monumental task and burden, but can also provide an opportunity for competitive differentiation.

Customers feel vulnerable and unprotected in the face of unrelenting data collection, aggregation and analysis, huge data breaches, and questionable corporate behavior. Cultivating trust with customers means getting to the heart of these vulnerabilities by implementing policies and systems that find and remediate customer’s private information. Proactively responding to requests for information on existing data and enabling customer's information to “be forgotten” — capabilities you need to implement for regulatory reasons — creates an environment that proves to customers you care about them, their data, and their privacy.

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About the Presenter: 

Ken Lownie

Ken Lownie, Chief Customer Officer @ Everteam

Ken Lownie is Chief Customer Officer of Everteam Inc. He works directly with senior executives responsible for Information governance within their organizations. Ken is a graduate of Colgate University and MIT’s Sloan School of Management, and is a frequent writer and speaker at industry conferences, including InfoGovCon, AIIM, ARMA, The MER Conference as well as FIMA.

OnDemand Recording - The Privacy Payoff: The Value of Trust