How to fix your blind spot for GDPR compliance

(File shares, Sharepoint and Email)

Why many companies are still struggling to adhere to GDPR for unstructured data?
These are the 3 main challenges...
  1. PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is hidden in your word and pdf documents, emails, excel files, presentations, etc
  2. Much of this data is stored in different storage systems: File shares, Sharepoint, Emails, etc.
  3. Mainstream exceptions occur every day, it’s not possible to have a process able to manage all cases for unstructured data


Join us on May 21st at 3 pm CEST for a webinar on How to fix your blind spot for GDPR compliance
In this webinar we'll show you how you can:
  1. Regularly classify using Rules and ML techniques data that contains PII or other sensitive data 
  2. Automate actions and reviews and decide to keep, move, delete, encrypt, etc.
  3. Produce overview dashboards to department heads, general management and DPO about the state of GDPR compliance for unstructured data


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Who will be speaking ? 


Fernando Gumma
Director of Business Development - EMEA




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