A Technology Framework to Support Your Information Governance Strategy 

The right technology framework is critical for a successful information governance strategy. But what should that framework comprise?

Download our guide to learn the key elements of your technology framework and how to leverage that framework for key governance projects.

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What's Inside

The Need for an Information Governance Technology Framework

Every organization creates and stores information, and it’s no secret that the amount of information is growing exponentially every year. It’s coming faster (velocity), in greater amounts (volume) and more formats (variety). If you don’t already have an information governance strategy to deal with it all this accumulating information, then you are probably thinking of putting one in place.

This whitepaper shows you a technology framework that will support your overall governance strategy and enable your core IG processes.


What's Inside


7 Key Elements

Connect, Discover, Transform, Organize, Move, Archive, Manage - Learn the role each element plays in your technology framework.


IG Projects/Initiatives

Learn  how to apply your IG technology framework to six IG projects.


Process Automation & AI

Understand how process automation and artificial intelligence play key roles in your overall IG technology framework.